Survive violent home invasion encounters. What would you do?


Dealing with active shooter shots fired!! At the mall, in the theater, in schools. Be prepared!


Our reality-based training places you in the action. A true adrenaline rush. Train for the real world.

Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez

Jose is a 24 year active law enforcement professional in South Florida and co-founder ofSafeguard International Group, LLC.  Jose has had the privilege of being an active member and team leader (Sergeant) of a Metropolitan full time SWAT team.

He is a certified instructor and has taught police and non-sworn personnel in a variety of topics such as SWAT School, Firearms, Narcotics Investigations, Field Force Tactics, Undercover Strategies, Defensive Tactics, Building Search Procedures, Active Shooter, and Use of Deadly Force.

Jose holds a Black Belt in Goyo Ryu Karate and has held a variety of assignments during his law enforcement career.  Additionally, he is both an NRA andSIMUNITION certified instructor.


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