Survive violent home invasion encounters. What would you do?


Dealing with active shooter shots fired!! At the mall, in the theater, in schools. Be prepared!


Our reality-based training places you in the action. A true adrenaline rush. Train for the real world.

Precision Rifle Course

Defense Against Knife Attacks

Knife vs. Gun - Don't be fooled to think the gun trumps the knife!  The novice knife fighter can absolutely cause serious injuries before you can draw and fire your firearm.  This class was designed to give you the real world realities of an edged weapon attack and the best defense.

You will be placed in a variety of scenarios utilizing SIMUNITION firearm and FX marking cartridges to defend against a knife attack.  You'll have a new found respect for an assailant armed with an edged weapon.

Class Price: $100

Curriculum and Topics:

  • Case study of knife attacks
  • Importance of Distance and Timing
  • Draw weapon from various concealed methods
  • Avoiding confrontations
  • Shoot on the move (SIMUNITION)
Equipment Required:

All equipment included.  Simply show up.  No high heels or open toe shoes or shorts.
Please register online using the calendar tab and PayPal or contact luis@safeguardintlgroup.com



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